Terms & Conditions

This online website and or mobile application is provided with the following terms & conditions. All users should read and accept all of the terms and conditions stated herein after before access and use of this website/application. If you do not accept any of the terms and conditions stated herein, please discontinue your access and stop using this website/application immediately.

It is our absolute discretion and right to modify, to change or to update any of the material contents, terms and conditions, information, picture and graphics provided in this website/application at any time without notice. All modifications or changes shall be effective immediately upon their implementation and your continuous and subsequent access and use of this website/application shall be construed as your acceptance to those changes.

1)General terms

a)Our Responsibilities

i) We act as an online advertising and marketing platform for our SIP services.
ii) We help our business and corporate members to promote and sell our SIP services online, accept payment and fulfil orders.
iii) Business or corporate members appointed by SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. can make use of this website/application to promote advertising and marketing, to place order for our SIP services and to accept payments and to gain access to our new products or/and new services available.
iv) All users actual purchase and subscription of the services will be subjected to the standard terms and conditions of this disclaimer statement.
v) Any other specific terms and conditions of the sale of service will be stated on this website/application.
vi) Any sale/order/agreement pertaining to the purchase of any type or category of the service through this website shall be strictly between users and their customers.

b) The policies hereinafter stated are intended to;

i) Comply and support Malaysia Government Laws and regulations Only.
ii) Only accept the selected and trust worthy business and corporate members.
iii) Minimize risks to both users and business or corporate members.

2) Eligibility

SIP-online-application is only make available to users who are above the age of 21, otherwise must be guided by their parents or legal guardian.

2.1) System

a)Users and members may be required to register in order to enjoy the
convenience and benefits provided by us.
b)We deem you have provided true, accruable, current and complete information about yourself during registration.
c) We will create your log-in ID & password and send to you through email before you can activate your login.
d) All registration information received is subjected to our Privacy Polices.

2.2) Members’ Responsibilities:
a) Ensure your personal data is updated from time to time.
b) Responsible for all activities that occur under your user account.
c) Immediately notify us if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your
account or your login ID or password has been compromised.
d) May not transfer, assign or sell your account to any third party.
e) We will not liable for any damage or loss of any sort suffered by members as a result of any wrongful or/and unauthorized use of your user account.

2.3) Suspension or termination of membership
a)We reserved the right to bar or to refuse your access or use of this website/application, suspend or terminate your account, remove credit or cancel order without having to assign for any reason whatsoever.
b)Any decision or action made pertaining to clause ( a ) aforesaid shall be absolute and final.

3) Conduct and Applications Laws

a)All users must comply and obey the rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, law and legislation governing the same in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.
b)Any disputes arising in connection with the contents, materials, relevant terms and conditions, policies, notices or any other matter related to the use of this website/application, all parties must consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of Malaysia.

4) Trademark & Copyright

a)All content on this website included but not limited to text, logos, images, icons, data, graphics, audio & video clips and pictures are the property of SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. under the copyright laws, and is prohibited from reproduction, replication, modification, distribution and public display.
b)The same also applicable to contents provided by other third parties and/or content listed in our associated sites.
c)No such trademark, designs or logos can be used as a link or to mark any link to the website, or our associated websites unless prior written consent has been obtained from us or any other relevant proprietors.
d)No one shall resale or use commercially any content of this website/application. This included but not limited to downloading or copying of any data particularly account information for the benefit of another third party or merchant.


All users shall agree to indemnify and keep indemnified SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. from all liabilities, claims for losses and damages including legal costs on a full indemnity basis that may arise from the following acts of;

a) User’s misuse and/or wrongful use of the website/application and services provided.
b) Breach of any of the terms and conditions by users.
c) User’s infringement on any intellectual property right or proprietary right.

6) Electronic Transactions

All transaction of sales and electronic forms are covered under the Electronic Transaction Act 1998 ( ETA )
a) SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. and all users shall agree that all announcements, notices, disclosures, agreements and other communications in electronic forms constitute as a written documents.
b) All users shall agree not to challenge or to dispute the validity and/or enforceability of all the electronic transactions on the ground that it is not a written document.

7)Acceptance of Sales

a) Members agree to accept the terms and conditions of sales/orders when log-in to the website/application and clicks on to proceed to use our online-application to generate mortgage loan ledger.
b) Members are bound by the stipulated terms and conditions of sales/orders when completed the payment top-up process.
c) The intended order of SIP service type is confirmed and is dated and timed at the moment when member click upon the proceed/next button.
d) The details and timing of sale/order is captured on the order confirmation sent to us via electronic mail.

8) Payment & Currency

All the term of sales covers under the Electronic Transaction Act 1988 ( ETA ).
a)Customer agrees to pay SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. the total amount set forth in the contract of sale and/or any other mutually agreed charges that stated on the payment page.
b)All transaction that made for orders of the service type are effected in Malaysia and subject to online/mobile delivery only.
Orders are charged and payable in Ringgit Malaysia ( RM ) unless otherwise stated in the order form.

9) Refund Policy

1)We do not allow refund, cancellation of the orders due to change of mind by purchaser. But we do allow the purchaser to change the order to other SIP service types of equivalent or higher in value.
2)Goods or services once accepted are considered sold.
3)Members are allowed to upgrade the service type from SIP 30 or SIP 50 to SIP 75, once he has made the top up payment and duly received by us, the customer/member will be allowed to regenerate a new ledger of the type of SIP service/product he ordered.


Failure of SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. to enforce or implement any right or provision as stipulated in the terms and conditions shall not be constructed as a waiver of such right or provision.


a) The provisions of this terms and conditions, policies and notices are intended to be severable.
b) Any provision of the terms and conditions, policies and notices becomes unenforceable whether due to invalidity or contradiction in the jurisdiction of Malaysia; the ineffectiveness of such provision is only limited to the content and extent affected and without in any manner affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions stated herein in the jurisdiction of Malaysia.
c) Reference to other jurisdictions in this clause shall not be constructed as a legal interpretation and shall not affect the legal interpretation on any provisions of the terms and conditions stated herein in the context of the laws of Malaysia.

12) Entirety

a)The terms and conditions stated herein constitute the sole and binding agreement between SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. and users in relation to the use of SIP website/online application.
b)Neither party is relying upon any warranties, representations, promise or the like not stipulated in the provisions herein.
c)It is the discretion of SIP Management Sdn. Bhd. to change, to add or to omit any of the provisions as stated in the terms and conditions herein and such changes, additions or omissions shall replace and supersede all prior commitment, undertakings or representations.
d)The modified provisions of the terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement of this website/online application.