Career Opportunities

Mortgage loan optimization service is a very new form of mortgage loan advisory service. According to Bank Negara Malaysia’s statistic, in 2013 total mortgage loan has made up of 44.30% of the total banking lending or equivalent to RM 378.35 Billion in value. This is a very big market size and its annual growth rate is about eleven per centum (11%).

In view of it’s very technical in nature, very few service providers are able to establish in the current mortgage market; therefore the needs for this service in this  huge and yet fast growing  market can hardly be satisfied at the present moment. In order to reach out to the market effectively we need to educate and train more personnel like you to jointly tap the potential of this highly demanding mortgage loan market.

Our dedicated and highly qualified team has made simple and ready a very systematic, practical and effective platform which may provide some of the following benefits:

1) Training in Banking Practice

2) On The Job Guidance

3) Nationwide Marketing Support

4) Regular Market Up-date Training

5) Opportunity To Build Your Own Business In Mortgage Loan Advisory Service.

At SIP Management, we don’t provide you a job but we help you to build your own career. We will always focus on helping our officers to succeed and prosper in this industry. We strongly believe this is a premier service dedicated to building a lasting relationship with our customers and partners!

So if you are a far-sighted, ambitious and enthusiastic person currently looking for opportunity, why not just give us a call and let’s talk!